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Here's the story of my path to faith & music...



I am the oldest of 3 children.  My father was a truck driver and we moved to Midland, TX sometime before I started school. We attended the Friendship Baptist Church there. When I was 8yrs old I felt God speaking to me through His Holy Spirit to accept Jesus as my Savior. I took my mother by the hand, and walked down the aisle and received Jesus as my Lord one Sunday morning. Ever since that day, I have never regretted making that decision.


To make a longer story short, my parents dropped out of church and were divorced by the time I entered high school.  My mother decided it was time to get back in church, so we did.  In my senior year of high school, I felt the Lord was leading me into the music field. I made a commitment to do so, but then I let Satan enter in and I made a decision that I regret and walked away from God for several years.


It was many years later that God woke me up during a thunderstorm and He told me that I had a choice to make. I could continue down the path I was on or I could choose to follow Him. I realized at that moment how foolish I had been and I chose to get my life right with God. I was in church the very next Sunday.


I’ve been singing Southern Gospel music since 1996.  I always try to sing from the heart because of what God has done for me. It is never for show or all about me, but about Him. If it wasn’t for God, I would not be singing.


I had missed out on so many blessings, because I did not follow the path that God had laid out for me. But, God never leaves us or forsakes us. He is always faithful. We are the ones that fail Him. I am so thankful that He loves me, in spite of my failures and short comings. He always forgives. We must be willing to ask for that forgiveness.